Wednesday, May 31, 2006

New Garage for the Magic School Bus

I have started the engine, shifted into first gear, then second, and we're on our way on a two-day journey to our brand-new garage!

Yup, you may have heard about this already. Starting this Friday, this blog will fuse with my other two blogs (Science And Politics and Circadiana) and move to the ever-growing, hosted by the SEED Magazine.

It does not work right now, but on Friday you will be able to access the new blog at this URL.

I'll give you the Feed once I get it, so you can all change your bookmarks, blogrolls and newsfeeds to the new address.

I may still post some lecture notes before Friday, but after the new blog begins, I will not post anything new here any more. The complete archives of this blog will remain here as there are some incoming links, but I will slowly, over the next few months, republish some of the best Magic School Bus posts over there. I hope you all move there with me - the new blog will be even better (and prettier) than this one.

Update: Due to technical problems, the new blogs will nost start tomorrow (Friday) but later, hopefully Monday of next week. I'll keep you posted.

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Blogger Abel PharmBoy said...

Bora, I had to check the URL anyway - so will the new blog be called "Clock"?

12:08 PM  

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